Hydrochloric acid (HCl)

An alchemist of Middle Ages Johann Rudolf Glauber used sodium chloride salt (NaCl) and sulphuric acid (H2SO4) for the preparation of sodium sulphate (Na2SO4) releasing hydrogen chloride gas (HCl).

It is considered one of the most important acids in industrial and technological industries. It is vital element in human life; secreted in the stomach for digestion.

Uses: Hydrochloric acid, as well as hydrogen chloride gas, are important in industry and have a lot of applications such as:

  1. Most of hydrogen chloride gas is used in production of hydrochloric acid,
  2. Metal cleaning,
  3. House cleaning products,
  4. Inorganic chemical industries,
  5. Organic chemicals industries; vinyl and alkyl chlorides,
  6. Pharmaceutical industries,
  7. Agent in petrochemicals industries,
  8. Assisting agent in oil wells drilling,
  9. Food industries,
  10. Chemical intermediate in other chemical production,
  11. Treatment of cotton: delinting and separation from wool,
  12. Used in semiconductor industry (in pure grade).

Product specifications:


Features of our HCl:

  • Extremely high purity,
  • High concentrations upon order, up to 32%,
  • Not more than 4 ppm Fe+2 (or to custom order),
  • Not more than 10 ppm Cl-1 (or to custom order),
  • No organic impurities,
  • Container sizes available from 25 l to 1 m3, or by the tanker!
  • Industrial mixtures to custom order,
  • Medical- and laboratory-grade in custom quantities.
  • The HCl we produce interlaces with many vital industries like metal galvanisation and chemical detergents used in the cleaning process of wires and pipes…etc. This product is usually fixed at concentration levels of 30 – 32 wt%, but may be prepared at any concentration required.
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