Safety & Environment

JAFCCO believes that Safety First, therefore, JAFCCO applies the highest standards to keep safe workplace and working conditions for both employees and environment. Equipment design, equipment and units’ general arrangement (layout) take into consideration safe and smooth operation and maintenance.

Like all industries there are emissions and wastes and JAFCCO feels committed to environment, therefore, additional treatment units were added to design to meet the Jordanian and International standards.

Fresh water consumption is minimised by process design optimisation and reusing within the complex to save water due to scarcity of water resources in Jordan. Solid waste is also disposed-off safely.

JAFCCO new complex underwent through comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study, equipment and units design will undergo Hazardous and Operability Studies (HAZOP’s) to guarantee safe and easy operation, maintenance, safe shutdown and safe process trip sequence, when necessary.

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